We’re on a mission to help millions of businesses save millions of dollars.

By tearing down the wall between small business and tax incentives all over the world.

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Today, it's harder than ever for small businesses to stay alive, let alone thrive.

In the last year alone, business owners are facing a new reality that is making it even more challenging to grow a business. Economic recession. Massive inflation. Rising interest rates. Crashes in all the markets. Which means it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to do business, and especially core activities like hiring, retaining and paying the wages workers are demanding. Supply shortages are driving up costs, profits are getting squeezed and revenues are going down, making it almost impossible for businesses to thrive & simply operate.

Only 2% of small businesses apply for game-changing tax incentives.

Untapped savings, historically near impossible for small businesses to get.

Did you know…

  • There are over 22k tax incentives available to take advantage of? (and that’s only at the federal and state level)
  • Instead of paying 30% corporate tax you could be paying 2-4%?
  • Instead of paying 100% of your property taxes, you can have an exemption of up to 75%
  • From every purchase you do in your local area, you can receive up to 30 cents back from suppliers?
  • For every single dollar you invest in a hospitality project you can receive up to 40 cents on the dollar (40%)?
  • And that you can have tax credit for every single employee and employment that you create?

That's free money in your pocket.

So, why is this happening?

In the past, only big businesses could afford to hire expensive

tax incentive attorneys.

Filing for incentives can cost up to $1.7milllion and beyond.

In addition, 98% of businesses that utilize tax incentives make over $10M per year,

making it way too expensive and inaccessible for the average business owner to take advantage.

The process has been too complex to navigate, and gatekeepers require extreme retainers up-front.

Today, millions of small businesses don’t have access to tax incentive advice, or didn’t even know they exist. And of the few business owners that know what they are, they rarely know how to use them, how to apply (or apply for the wrong ones) and/or have the legal & accounting background to take advantage of what’s available to them.

The knowledge to file for incentives across multiple jurisdictions is consolidated in a few firms (Deloitte, McKensey, KPNG & PWC) that each make over $50B in revenue helping big businesses, and if your business isn’t making $5M+ they won’t even take your call.

Big businesses get billions

in benefits, creating an

uneven playing field.

Filing for incentives can cost up to $1.7milllion and beyond.

In addition, 98% of businesses that utilize tax incentives make over $10M per year,

making it way too expensive and inaccessible for the average business owner to take advantage.

Empty Grey Chairs

Millions of small businesses

haven't had a seat at the table...

until now.


Easy & equitable tax incentives for small businesses.

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We're on a mission to democratize tax incentives, everywhere.

Any time, any where for any industry.

We believe small business is the lifeline of our economy.

And that tax incentives are the greatest untapped potential to unlock growth for every small business around the world.

That tax incentives are the cornerstone of economic investment and innovation for any society.

That tax incentives should work for the people not just large corporations.

That there are large misconceptions about why these exist and how to use them.

That every small business owner deserves to claim these incentives to unlock their growth potential.

And no one should have to go through that pain.

We believe the world has shifted, and now – more than ever before – every business owner should have the same opportunity to succeed.

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So, we're breaking down

the barriers for every business to thrive.

How it works

We simplify the process & eliminate guesswork, by providing direct access to over 22k potential tax incentives in over 90 countries, globally, and match you with credible experts who handle the entire process for you.






Slash the high ticket prices and keep more in your pockets. We make it simple for anyone to cross the price barrier.


Tax incentives are similar in all jurisdictions. Applying & localizing the logical path behind each industry and benefit are closely similar.


Complete automation and digitalization of the application process and synchronicity with repeatable accounting processes.


Do it on your mobile phone or on the go. Owners can now monitor their status and deadlines anytime & anywhere.

Stop leaving money on the table.

Claim your money. Unlock your growth. Get back what you deserve.

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